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Psychedelic Abstract Painting by Johnie Thornton

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Psychedelic Abstract Painting by Johnie Thornton

Johnie Thornton was born and raised in Southern California and is currently living & working as an artist in Palm Springs and Los Angeles. Thornton’s body of work is a mix of photo realistic oil painting and geometric/psychedelic abstract painting. 

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Still up for grabs.... "Do You Fear (For Your Child?)" - Oil, Gold Leaf, Aerosol on Birch - 10"x14.5" - 2016 - Available - email for inquiries. Please feel free to share, I'd like to get this one out there!!!! If you would like to read my thesis or debate, my wall is not the place to do so, kindly email or dm me for further details. #trumpler #trump #hitler #nevertrump #dumptrump #donaldtrump #adolfhitler #historyrepeatsitself #samebeatdifferentdrum #beautifulbizzare #oilpainting #oilpainter #supportartists Artist Statement: “The decline of humanity begins with a single man and his desire for distinction. “I alone can save you” is a motto we should have learned to stray from by now… Yet somehow, many people are still predisposed to desire, or even require a savior to find reason in their existence. Desperately hoping for salvation. Today the U.S. Presidential race has begun to take on tones of Germany in the 1920’s. We have a “leader” pitting “us” against entire races, blaming them for “our” problems. We have a “leader” who encourages violence, hate, and segregation. We have a “leader” who says our country is broken, and he is the only one who can fix it! We have a “leader” who wants to deport people of a race that is becoming the new majority. All of these ideas have been tried and tested. They have failed miserably, taking many, many lives along the way. These fear tactics have been used throughout history to keep people in submission. This behavior and treatment of fellow humans has only proven disastrous in the past. However, the healthy reception of these ideas among many U.S. citizens is what the true concern should be. I have faith that we will not elect such a tyrant to office, yet the ugly underbelly of the U.S has shown it’s face. We can see that racism, segregation, hate, and bigotry are alive and well here in the U.S., and that is what should be truly worrisome" - Johnie Thornton 2016.

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