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Press Release

The Affordable Gallery, Discover New and Original Art Work

Florida Dec 27th 2016 - The Affordable Gallery is here to make a difference in the art world, with the aim of making art work available at affordable prices for everybody and creating an avenue for all kind of artists to showcase their work. The beauty and aesthetic nature of the art work showcased in The Affordable Gallery is carefully curated to offer visitors the best pieces for their homes or offices.

THE AFFORDABLE GALLERY is recognized for showcasing the best art, including abstract, modern and classical from all around the world.

Visit the website, to see different exhibits and order artwork directly from your smart phone or PC. Take time to experience the amazing art of The Affordable Gallery.  Even if you are not an art enthusiast, the work of the fine artists all over the world will impress you. You can also visit the Facebook Page to know more.

About The Affordable Gallery

The Affordable Gallery was founded in 2016 with the mission to celebrate and promote access to culture and art. Before this initiative, most great art was only available at high prices. The affordable gallery was founded to make a difference in the art world.  We have put together a Gallery where many talented emerging and established artists are willing to make art accessible to everyone and at the same time get recognized in a very competitive and complex industry. We believe art should be accessible for all and our main goal is to allow people to own great art from great artists at affordable prices.

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